These pages are an attempt to give a representation of the most interesting science I have encountered: Anthroposophy, the science (wisdom) of man. From the Greek language 'Anthros' (Human) and 'Sophia' (Wisdom).

The aim is to give modern people with critical minds some insight in Anthroposophy (see our FAQ on Anthroposophy).

Prejudice may rise towards these presentations, however for the open minded person who is able to deal unabashedly with things, these presentations can be inspiring counsel and provide assistance with life's questions. Anthroposophy is not a religion since Anthroposophy is not supported by believe or faith. Anthroposophy is supported by insight and knowledge gained through a methodical conduct of Spiritual Science. It uses the same methodical approach as Natural Science uses to research and understand the physical appearance of the world, but applied to issues of a spiritual nature. However, it is difficult for the mind in our time to acknowledge the possibility of a Spiritual Science that can be as accurate as Natural Science.

Anthroposophy was founded by Rudolf Steiner (see picture on the top right), around the turn of the century.
Most people will probably have heard about Rudolf Steiner and Anthroposophy in connection with the Waldorf Schools or Rudolf Steiner Schools.
Rudolf Steiner dedicated most of his life to the study of the human spirit and questions relating to purpose and development of individuals and their relationship to the world into which they are born. In the course of these studies he made most interesting discoveries.

He wrote books and held lectures covering almost all areas of life.
Many books and thousands of printed lectures are testimony to the breadth and depth of his work.

With these pages we hope to open a gateway to Spiritual Science for everyone who has been questions regarding the sense and purpose of his existence and the deeper connections behind the world of appearances:

For those who only accept the word of the senses, this description will be regarded as a senseless fantasy.
Whoever is seeking for ways leading out of the world of senses, will soon understand that human life only wins value and meaning by gaining insight in another world.

(from the book Theosophy by Rudolf Steiner)

It may be of interest to the reader, that two authors of the following pages have enjoyed a scientific education and training. This explains why you come across so many philosophical questions. We hope that the contents of these pages offer some personal guidance.

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